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Image by Marc Sendra Martorell

No- Show Policy

New Client Policy

To pre-book any new family with more than a one hour time slot a 50% Nonrefundable Deposit will be mandatory due to unreliable folks abusing the schedule & lost revenue. This will be a probationary period of 3 spaw days, til we feel your a established dependable client.

Remember a NO SHOW is also a $25 Fee per dog plus 50% non-refundable deposit to prebook. A square invoice will be sent to you & you can pay this way.

We have no time for unreliable folks, you will be fired if you waste my time!

If your dog is matted, I will tell you.

If your dog is bad, I will tell you.

If your dog is good, I will tell you.

If your dog needs to be put on a routine schedule, I will tell you.

If you are offended because I advocate for your dog, you should find a different groomer.

You get what you pay for, your feelings are not my priority only your dogs health is.

I don’t sugar coat B.S. this is just how I operate!

"True to the Coat"

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